Company A baked and sold bakery products under the mark "Bread products". After some time, a store called "Bread Products" was opened on a nearby street, buyers began to perceive the store as branded and owned by Company A, and, being aware of the high quality of products, began to buy bread in the store. Company A applied for trademark registration for protection, but was denied because their mark was completely descriptive and therefore was not protectable.
That is, as a result of late examination of the mark, business owners faced the impossibility of protecting their brand and the need to change it, which in turn led to material losses and losses of customers.
In the case of timely consultation with specialists, Company A would have learnt about the unprotected nature of its mark and would have been able to develop a new mark to be registered. And in the case of a violation of its rights to the brand by unfair competitors, Company A could have applied to court to protect its rights and the company would successfully have won the process.
Conclusion: you need timely expert examination and consultation to develop a protectable mark and to register your brand at the start.
Yaremchuk & Partners will provide you with legal advice, as well as the necessary range of services for the registration of your trademark in Ukraine and in foreign countries.

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